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Dr. Edward H. Frank

Dr. Edward Frank is Co-Founder and CEO of Cloud Parity Inc., a mobile application company, since 2014. Prior to joining Cloud Parity, he served as Vice President of Macintosh Hardware Systems Engineering at Apple, since 2009. Prior to that, Dr. Frank was Corporate Vice President of Research and Development at Broadcom Corporation, where he played a key role in corporate business and IP strategy and was responsible for the company’s overall engineering execution in addition to co-founding and leading the engineering group for Broadcom's Wireless LAN business. Prior to joining Broadcom, Dr. Frank was the founding Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President at Epigram, Inc. (later acquired by Broadcom) and was a Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering of NeTpower, Inc. Since 1996, Dr. Frank has served as a Technology Partner at Advanced Technology Ventures, a venture capital firm. Dr. Frank was also Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems, Inc., where he co-architected several generations of Sun's SPARCstations and was a principal member of Sun's Green Project, which developed the precursor to the Java cross-platform, web programming language. Dr. Frank holds over 50 issued patents and serves on the Board of Directors at Analog Devices (NASDAQ: ADI) and eASIC Corporation. He is an advisor to several venture capital firms and startups in Silicon Valley and also serves as vice chairman of the Carnegie Mellon University Board of Trustees.